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Monday, October 3, 2016

Sugar Cookie Cheesecake

The Crust: 
1-1lb. roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough
The Filling:
4-8oz. blocks of Cream Cheese..softened
4 Eggs
1 tablespoon Vanilla Extract
1 cup Granulated Sugar
The Topping:
3/4 cup coarse Sugar..I used an all natural “Raw” Sugar.


Press the Sugar Cookie Dough evenly down into the bottom of the pan, set aside…
In a large bowl combine the Cream Cheese, Eggs, Vanilla and Sugar…
Mix well with an electric mixer, until smooth…
Pour the Mixture into the pan…evenly onto the Crust…
Sprinkle the top lightly with some coarse Sugar and bake at 325 for approx. 1 hour, or until it’s firm all the way through and slightly
Let it cool…COMPLETELY!  Gently remove the pan!
While it’s warm top it with a generous amount of coarse Sugar…as much as you like..think “Sugar Cookie”…
Take a moment to really look at it’s likes
Serve it up…

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