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Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy Loaded Potato Casserole Recipe


Side dishes of potatoes take numerous structures: pounded, heated, simmered, bubbled, stacking, and so on. Regardless of what they are cooked and served, potatoes are doubtlessly one of my most loved dishes. They are likewise an incredible solace sustenance!
In the matter of heated potatoes, I like mine "full load" with bacon, cheddar, harsh cream, chives, and possibly a little farm dressing (don't pass judgment on until you attempt). In any case, on the off chance that you are cooking for some individuals, it is an undertaking to do a ton of potatoes a solitary broiler. That is the reason I was so cheerful when I discovered this dish formula! It has all the immense taste of a stacked prepared potato, yet as a dish. It has a consistency of rich pound finished with all the goodies you would like.
This dish serves numerous individuals, making it perfect for family reunions GET! This would be an incredible dish to serve for a 4th of July grill in a couple of days! Nothing says America like bacon, cheddar and potatoes.

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